We Specialize in Counseling for a Wide Range of Diagnoses

At Applegate Counseling, we provide counseling services for a wide range of diagnoses. Some of our specialties include autism therapy, counseling for anxiety, and treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder. We draw on cognitive behavioral strategies, and when needed, we coordinate our therapy services with schools, doctors, and family members for optimal support and effectiveness.


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Treating ADHD 

We use cognitive behavioral strategies that draw on our clients’ strengths to address issues of impulse control, hyperactivity, executive function, and social skills.

Autism Therapy and Asperger’s Counseling

With over twenty years of experience working with adults and children on the spectrum, Applegate brings unique perspectives to autism therapy. We use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), social skills, and strengths-based contextual therapies to serve our clients. In addition, we coordinate with schools, doctors, and, most importantly, the expert (you the parent) to find practical and creative ways to affect change.

anxiety therapy

Supporting Clients with Anxiety

To manage anxiety, we focus on finding what works for each client, using their strengths and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies to access the support they need, including their own strengths and external support systems. We help to establish appropriate self-care habits for long-term management of anxiety issues by addressing negative self talk and supportive relationships.

Treating PTSD with Trauma Informed Therapies

To address PTSD, we use trauma informed therapies and CBT strategies that account for contextual issues. We help develop a path forward for each client by determining where they currently are in their journey and how they can draw on their personal strengths and available support systems.

anxiety therapy
disorder therapy

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

We use unique approaches to treat oppositional defiant disorder. This includes using CBT and strengths-based strategies. We help the family avoid power struggles by working with both parents and children on self regulation issues to empower the client, reduce stress, and increase success.

Addressing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

We help our clients struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder by using CBT and strengths-based strategies. We help clients reach their goals by addressing their distressing thoughts and behaviors and the underlying issues that support those behaviors.

Finding a Path Through Adjustment Disorder

Everyone struggles with an adjustment disorder at some point in their life, often due to circumstances beyond their control. We use a solution-focused approach and CBT strategies to address our client’s needs and help them find a path through the turmoil and out the other side in healthy ways.

Counseling for Depression

Counseling for depression focuses on how to change negative self talk using effective CBT strategies. We help our clients learn how to access their personal strengths and support systems and to establish better self-care habits for managing their long-term mental health.

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Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar Disorders

Our Therapists work with clients experiencing bipolar disorder, assisting in creating more stability to mood and relationships through their strengths and using creative approaches that have been proven effective.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Our therapists have experience working with Co-Occurring Disorders with an emphasis on the mental health side. We work with the client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to identify client strengths and resources to help the client achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

couples and family therapy

Couples and Families

We help clients to strengthen families and couples through building trust, understanding, and intimacy. Our therapists are trained in family systems and several different couples therapy techniques that are able to create the most effective and supportive environment for progress.

couples and family therapy

Creative Approaches to Goal-Oriented Therapy

Whether it’s autism therapy or counseling for depression, we help our clients learn how to access support systems and establish better self-care habits for managing their long-term mental health. For more information on our services or to set up an appointment, please contact us today.

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