Individualized Counseling with Applegate

At Applegate Counseling, we strive to help individuals, families, and couples address challenges and work towards their goals in a safe environment. While we draw on cognitive behavioral techniques, we work alongside you to determine and apply the most appropriate strategies for your situation.

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Therapy for Individuals

Individual therapy can be as individual as you need it to be. We work closely with you to determine what has brought you to counseling and from there we can establish paths to help you meet your short and long term goals, and a clear road to help you continue your journey.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy can be as unique as individual therapy. We work with parents and children together and separately. We help you identify the strengths and assets of the family and help you work towards achieving your family goals with strategies that work for your distinct family dynamic.

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Therapy for Couples

There are two paths for couples therapy. One path is to identify one individual in the couple as the client and the other individual as the support system. The second path, and often most effective, is when the relationship becomes the client rather than either individual. During therapy, we create a safe space to discuss all aspects of your relationship and ways to serve each relationship’s values and beliefs to reach the goals of the relationship.

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Preschool through Middle School Therapy Services

Family dynamics, school settings, and cultural connections are often intertwined for youth. For this reason, working with younger clients often calls for more complex therapy strategies. We work closely with the individual and the family to determine what therapy services are useful and meaningful.
middle school kids in counseling
high school boy in counseling

Counseling for High Schoolers

During adolescence, it becomes more important to provide privacy for our counseling services with high school age youth. In the beginning, parents or guardians help to determine where boundaries are and together we find ways to develop comprehensive strategies that address all parties involved and also respect the client’s privacy.

Flexible Therapy Services to Meet Your Goals

Our goal at Applegate Counseling is to help create a clear path for you to continue on your journey. Whether you’re seeking family, couple, or individual therapy, we strive to develop strategies that fit within family dynamics and serve your beliefs and values. For more information about our services, please contact us today.

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